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Financial advice 

Discover the difference specialist advice can make.


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What's most important for you and your future?

Finding the freedom to travel more often? Providing your children with a great start in life? Or building wealth and security for your retirement? Speaking with an ANZ Financial Adviser can help you start living the life you want.

From ways to protect your lifestyle to new investment ideas, your adviser will help you discover your financial potential. We’ve helped more than 150,000 Australians, so you know we can provide personalised and transparent advice.

Plan for a better financial future

Financial advice is about enjoying life, now and in the future. Tell us where you want to be and we’ll create a roadmap to help you get there.

  • Pay off debt and set up a budget
  • Protect your income and lifestyle
  • Get started with investing
  • Buy a home or investment property
  • Send children to school
  • Manage a change in family or personal circumstances

Live the life you deserve

When your key focus is working hard to establish yourself financially, we can help you understand ways to potentially achieve even more.

  • Grow your super
  • Build wealth
  • Protect your assets and capital
  • Manage a redundancy
  • Invest an inheritance
  • Pay off your home sooner
  • Prepare for retirement

Advice for small business owners

Have a small business? We can show you ways to potentially maximise the rewards of your hard work. 

  • Reduce the financial implications from the loss of key people
  • Explore ways to protect your income and lifestyle
  • Manage the sale or transition of your business to your family


How it works

1. Getting started

Before your first complimentary appointment with an ANZ Financial Adviser, we’ll ask you to complete an Advice Ready form. We also recommend you bring detailed information on your income, expenses, assets and debts.

2. Your first appointment

Your adviser will focus on understanding your current situation and goals. They’ll determine the scope of the advice you need and discuss the process of developing a tailored financial plan, including fees.

3. Your second appointment

Every step of the way, your adviser will walk you through your tailored plan and explain the recommended strategies to help you towards your goals. They'll make sure you're comfortable with your financial plan before moving forward. 

4. Ongoing support

You can choose to get ongoing advice from your adviser to keep your plan on track. Otherwise you can get in touch whenever you feel like you need some extra help.

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Single women in their 60s have the highest poverty rate in Australia. Read five key reasons to care about your financial health.   


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Start securing your financial future

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ANZ Financial Planners are representatives of ANZ, the holder of Australian Financial Services Licence number 234527.