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If you have a concern about the transactions appearing on your account you can easily dispute them using the "Lodge a transaction dispute" function.

  • This function is for transactions made outside of ANZ Internet Banking. For enquiries on payments or transfers made within ANZ Internet Banking, please enquire about a past payment or transfer.
  • If you feel that your card has been compromised, we recommend that you call us immediately on:
    1800 033 844 (or +61 3 9683 6969 from overseas) to have your card stopped

How do I lodge a transaction dispute?

To use the "Lodge a transaction dispute" function, follow the steps below:

Before lodging a transaction dispute

Locate and investigate your transaction

  • Navigate to the "Account Overview" page for your account. You can find this by going to the home page and then selecting the account.
  • Select the "Transactions" tab if not already selected.
  • If you don’t recognise a transaction, you can sometimes see an arrow beside your transaction description.
    • Select the arrow and take note of the extra text displayed
    • If this text helps you recognise your transaction, there is no need to dispute this transaction

Dispute your transaction(s)

  • If you wish to dispute one or more transaction, ensure you write down or save the following transaction information for each transaction you wish to dispute as you will need to enter this information when you use the function:
    • The account name and/or number (at the top of the page)
    • The date the transaction was processed (in the "Date" column)
    • The exact description of the transaction (in the "Description" column)
    • The value of the transaction (in the "Amount ($AUD)" column)
  • Select the "Lodge a transaction dispute" link and follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Read the overview

  • Read the instructions on the disputes process and the alternative methods of lodging your dispute
  • Select "Continue".

Step 2 - Add the transaction being disputed

  • Select "Add a transaction"
  • Enter the transaction details:
    • Select the card or account
    • Enter the date the transaction was made (which may differ to the date it was processed)
    • Enter the amount the transaction was for
    • Enter the description exactly as it appears in your transaction history or on your statement
    • Enter the reason for the dispute and any extra information where required
    • Enter comments in the additional details section to help us better understand the nature of your dispute
  • Select "Add"
  • If you wish to enter another transaction dispute, repeat this step, otherwise, proceed to Step 3.
  • If you wish to delete a dispute, select the cross icon in the top right-hand side of the transaction panel.

Step 3 - Submit your request

  • Select "Submit" to complete lodgement of your dispute
  • At this point, your request has been submitted and ANZ will begin investigation

Need more help?

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Send us a SecureMail

For further assistance please call the ANZ Internet Banking team on 13 33 50 (International callers: +61 3 9683 8833) 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Frequently asked questions

Use our frequently asked questions to find out more about disputing your transactions.

We recommend that you call us immediately on 1800 033 844 (or +61 3 9683 6969 from overseas) if you suspect your card may have been used without your permissions.

Lodge your dispute using the dispute reason "The ATM dispense the wrong amount", providing both the amount requested and the amount actually received.

ANZ Internet Banking shows the date the transaction was processed; not necessarily the date the transaction was actually made at the point of sale. To determine the transaction date, you will need to refer to your own records or enter your nearest approximation.

  • If we determine that the transaction was not authorised by you, there will be no interest or fees incurred as a result of the disputed transaction.

Most disputes are resolved within 30 days, however, it does depend on the nature of the dispute and the way the transaction had been processed.

You will receive a SecureMail when the dispute is resolved. If we have any questions for you before that, we will contact you according to the details you have provided in step 3.

The "Lodge a transaction dispute" function is only for payments made outside ANZ Internet Banking, so a Pay Anyone payment created by you cannot be disputed using this function. For all payments made from within ANZ Internet Banking, please enquire about a past payment or transfer.