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Banking during COVID-19

We’re adapting how we support you to help us all remain safe. You can bank the way that works for you with a range of options to suit your preference.

Staying safe

Be careful of scams

Look out for suspicious emails, calls or text messages claiming to be from us, other organisations or government authorities.

See our latest security alerts

Protect yourself from scams and fraud with these 10 tips (PDF 702 kB)

Stay ‘Safe and Savvy'

Elder financial abuse takes many forms and can happen to anyone. It’s important to be aware and prepared so you can protect yourself, and people you care about, from potential financial harm.

How to help older people protect their financial wellbeing (PDF 5.04 MB)

How you can bank during COVID-19

What you can do online

We all know you can update your account details, make transfers and set up direct debit payments online. But there’s more you can do with online banking than you might think…

With online banking you can:

Learn more about different ways you can conduct your banking while reducing contact with cash, cards and PIN pads.

See ways to bank

What you can do in branch

If you don’t have the ANZ App or Internet Banking, or you’d just like to do your banking in person, you can visit your local branch.

ANZ branches are open Monday - Thursday (9.30am - 4.00pm) and Friday (9.30am – 5.00pm), with some even open on weekends.

Safe banking during COVID-19 

Using contactless payments

There are ways you can avoid handling cash or touching payment terminals. With contactless payments, you can hold your ANZ card or compatible device over a terminal to make a payment without needing to enter a PIN.

Even better, temporary increases to the contactless limit are now in place for transactions of up to $200. You can activate the increase on your existing ANZ card by visiting any ANZ ATM or POS machine, inserting your card and performing a transaction that requires a PIN (including balance enquiries).

It is important to note that some transactions below $200 will still ask for the PIN, as for certain card types, the limit is within the card's chip and cannot be changed. Transactions above $200 will continue to ask for the PIN.

How to

Set up contactless payments on your device

Add an eligible ANZ card to your compatible phone or wearable to start making easy, contactless payments.

Learn more

 When you need cash

Most major banks do not charge ATM withdrawal fees, so using a local ATM with another bank can be a convenient option when you need to get cash.

As an alternative to withdrawing cash at an ATM, you can also consider withdrawing cash when you pay for your shopping at some supermarkets, where you also won’t get charged a withdrawal fee.

Other banking support during COVID-19

Help with my Passbook account

If you only have a passbook account, you have several options to consider in accessing your money if you’re unable to come into branch.

  • Nominating a trusted family member or trusted person as an authorised signatory on your ANZ Passbook account so that they can go to the branch for you and withdraw cash on your behalf. Note that option is available if you feel comfortable nominating someone to act on your behalf and you feel comfortable to go to the branch, as you will need to go together to add them as a signatory.
  • Withdrawing a reasonable amount of extra cash on your next branch visit to help minimise further required visits to the branch
  • Opening an everyday account with a Visa Debit carddisclaimer
  • If you receive a Centrelink pension or Veterans’ Affairs pension or allowance, or hold a Concession or Health Care card, you may be eligible for an ANZ Pensioner Advantage or Access Basic accountdisclaimer, which has no monthly account service fees and on request may come with a Visa Debit card.disclaimer

If you would like to talk to us about any of these options, or open a new account, you can call us on 13 13 14.

If you prefer to talk to someone in person, and are comfortable coming to the bank, you can visit your local branch.

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Refer to ANZ Savings & Transaction Products Terms and Conditions (PDF) for criteria.