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Open Banking Help for ANZ App or Internet Banking

Get assistance with performing Open Banking tasks in the ANZ App or Internet Banking.

How do I stop sharing data?

You can stop data sharing using the Accredited Data Recipient’s service, ANZ Internet Banking, or the ANZ App.

Important: Before stopping data sharing, ANZ encourages you to review your Accredited Data Recipient’s policy on deleting or de-identifying your data. If you want your data to be deleted, you must make that choice before you stop sharing. If you are unsure of their policy, or how this may affect you, contact your Accredited Data Recipient before stopping your data sharing arrangement.

Access your profile, then select ‘Profile & Security’.

  1. Navigate down to ‘Manage your data’ and then select ‘Data sharing’.
  2. Under ‘Data sharing’ select ‘View data sharing arrangements’.
  3. Select the data sharing arrangement you would like to stop. 
  4. Navigate down to ‘Stop sharing’ and then select ‘Stop sharing
  5. On the ‘Stop data sharing?’ confirmation prompt, select ‘Yes, stop sharing
  6. The ‘Data sharing stopped’ page displays, confirming you have successfully stopped data sharing. Select ‘Done’.

The Data sharing page displays and the stopped data sharing arrangement appears under the ‘Archived’ section.