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ANZ App - Privacy Collection Notice

About This Notice

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ/We/Us) takes protecting your personal information and your privacy very seriously and we want you to feel comfortable using our ANZ App. 

This ANZ App Privacy Collection Notice (Notice) applies only to your personal information (Information) that we collect as part of setting up or providing the ANZ App (iOS or Android) and which we use solely to provide you with access to the ANZ App and its features.  By using the ANZ App, you acknowledge and consent to ANZ collecting and handling your Information in accordance with this Notice. For further information on how ANZ manages your Information more broadly, please refer to the privacy clause contained within any applicable product terms and conditions and ANZ’s Privacy Policy.

If you do not consent to ANZ handling your Information in accordance with this Notice, then you will not be able to use the ANZ App. You may instead elect to access ANZ products and services via an alternative platform (where available, subject to the relevant terms and conditions). If you are already using the ANZ App and do not consent, you should cease use of the ANZ App.

Changes to this Notice

We may update this Notice from time to time. You can view a copy of the latest version in the Support section of the ANZ App. By continuing to use the ANZ App, you acknowledge and consent to ANZ collecting and handling your Information in accordance with this Notice. 

1. Collecting Your Information

1.1 General

We may collect your Information in various ways including:

  • When you log in and use the ANZ App and its features; 
  • When you create an account;  
  • When you enquire about, apply for, or use our products or services using the ANZ App; 
  • When you contact or correspond with us through the ANZ App; and
  • On an ongoing basis while you bank with us using the ANZ App.

We may collect your Information from you directly or from third parties, such as service providers including those who assist with operating the ANZ App or capture data on ANZ’s behalf. 

Without this Information, ANZ would not be able to provide you with access to the ANZ App or certain features, or provide you with ANZ products or services (as applicable) through the ANZ App.

Where you have provided ANZ with a specific permission via your device settings to access or collect certain Information (such as your contacts, camera or location), you may change or revoke this permission at any time via your device settings. ANZ will then collect your Information according to your updated settings.

1.2 What Information we collect

Information ANZ may collect includes: 

  • Personal and contact details: For example, your name, address, email address, phone number, year/date of birth and gender; 
  • Government related identifiers: For example, your tax file or tax identification number, drivers licence number or passport number;
  • Device and Digital Information: For example, details of the electronic devices you use to access the ANZ App, (such as device type and model, operating system, application type and version and device/app settings), location information and IP address, details of the wi-fi network or mobile network used by your device, security information related to the device, and app performance data (such as crash logs, energy usage, and diagnostics);
  • Behavioural and usage information (including behavioural biometric information): For example, your typing speed, transaction patterns, scrolling and swiping activity and details of the way you use or interact with the ANZ App or particular features, such as activities or transactions you engage in, how and when you log in to the app, things you search for in the app, applications for products you make or statements or reports you may download, screens you visit and advertisements you may have seen, when you may accept terms and conditions or provide us with your consent, and the time you spend in the app; 
  • Biometric information: For example, recording your voice for authentication when making a high-value payment. We importantly note that we do not collect the biometric identifier registered on your device that you may use to log on to the ANZ App (such as your fingerprint, facial data). Further details regarding the handling of your Information for Voice ID authentication and Biometric authentication can be found in the ANZ App Terms and Conditions; 
  • App activity:  For example, information about how you interact with the ANZ App and other information from your app. For Android only: your call status (for instance when you call us from the ANZ App), other devices connected to your device via Bluetooth, and information about other apps installed on your device, for example, to assist us with security and fraud prevention measures;
  • Other access: For example, where you give us permission, we may access your contacts (e.g. if you choose to access your contacts when you make a payment), your photos (e.g.    when you choose to add a photo to a savings goal), your microphone (e.g. for Voice ID) and your camera (e.g. for card activation);
  • Payment and account information: For example, information about the transactions you make on your ANZ bank account; 
  • Other: For example, information about your personal circumstances, information you provide in free text fields, ANZ customer references or other unique identifiers, and information about the account(s) or products you hold with ANZ. 

We may also collect any other types of information we inform you about such as via notices provided to you within the ANZ App or within our ANZ Privacy Policy.

1.3 Tax File Number

If you are applying for an interest-bearing account, you may wish to provide ANZ with your Australian Tax File Number (TFN), TFN exemption code or Australian Business Number (for business accounts). Do not provide your TFN if you are applying for an account that is not interest-bearing. You are not obliged to provide your TFN and declining to quote your TFN is not an offence. However, if you choose not to provide it, ANZ is required by law to deduct resident withholding tax, generally at the highest marginal tax rate, and any applicable government levies from interest payments and pay this money to the Australian Tax Office (ATO). ANZ is authorised by taxation law to collect your TFN to determine if you are subject to withholding tax on any interest payments and for reporting on such matters to the ATO. ANZ will not use your TFN for any other purpose.  If you are unsure whether the product you are applying for is an interest-bearing account, please call 13 13 14 or visit any ANZ branch.

2. Using And Disclosing Your Information

2.1 Using and disclosing your Information

ANZ may use and disclose your Information for the purposes of: 

  • providing you with access to the ANZ App and its features; 
  • assessing and processing any applications you make for a product or service;
  • providing you with your ANZ products and services; 
  • confirming your identity (which may include, for example, validating a business customer’s structure including verifying the details and identity of any individual associated with the business such as company officers, beneficial owners and authorised account holders); 
  • contacting you including about:
    • any applications you make (including incomplete applications); 
    • your accounts including providing statements and other notices; 
    • any questions you may have, or any requests you make and to provide information to you (for example, insurance quotes); 
  • providing you with updates on your progress towards your goals, such as a savings goal or providing other information;
  • identifying, preventing or investigating any security risks, fraud, unlawful activity or misconduct (or suspected security risks, fraud, unlawful activity or misconduct); 
  • determining your location using your Device and Digital Information, which may assist us to detect fraud and other suspicious activities. This also enables us to provide you with access to certain features or provide you with information, such as helping you locate your nearest branch or ATM;
  • generating a 'profile' that is unique to you which we may use, for instance, to help us to identify when someone other than you is trying to access your account;
  • obtaining insights into how you interact with the ANZ App and to better understand user preferences and requirements so that we can improve features, identify and remedy issues and tailor the customer experience (for example, determine if there are offers, products or services which may be of interest to you and/or to deliver personalised content to you);
  • marketing and promotional activities including telling you about other products or services (including products of third parties) that may be of interest to you and arranging for third parties to advertise or promote our products and services; 
  • user research, analytics and product development; 
  • to help us improve, maintain and manage the app, your accounts and to perform other administrative and operational tasks including but not limited to testing, maintenance and incident management, analytics and crash reporting; 
  • recording and managing the details of any consents, declarations, certifications or acknowledgements you’ve made or provided to ANZ;
  • to comply with our legal obligations, including under relevant laws such as the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 (Cth), the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and tax legislation; 
  • any purpose which is required or authorised by law;
  • to protect our legitimate interests including, for example, taking or responding to any legal action; 
  • for any purpose we inform you about such as via the App or via any applicable product terms and conditions.

2.2 Sharing your Information

ANZ may disclose your Information to: 

  • your representative or any other party you have asked us to deal with as part of your account (e.g. accountant or lawyer); 
  • joint account holder(s) or anyone you authorise in relation to your account(s); 
  • other parties within the ANZ authorised distribution network; 
  • ANZ related entities; 
  • professional advisors and insurance partners; 
  • loyalty partners; 
  • agents, contractors and/or service providers; 
  • any person/entity that assists ANZ to identify, prevent or investigate any fraud, unlawful activity or misconduct (or suspected fraud, unlawful activity or misconduct); 
  • regulatory bodies, government agencies, law enforcement bodies and courts; 
  • other parties ANZ are authorised or required by law or court/tribunal order to disclose information to (for example, in accordance with Open Banking); and 
  • any other third parties ANZ inform you about including via the ANZ App or in any applicable product terms and conditions; 

some of which may be based overseas. You can find details about the location of these recipients in ANZ Privacy Policy.

Any Information shared with external parties is done so securely using encryption or other appropriate security measures.

3. Security of Information

3.1 General 

We take reasonable steps to protect your Information from: 

  • Misuse and loss 
  • Unauthorised access 
  • Unauthorised modification 
  • Unauthorised disclosure 

In particular, we have taken the following steps to safeguard your Information:

  • Implementing physical security – such as locks and security systems over our electronic data stores and premises.
  • Maintaining computer and network security – including network segmentation, identity management, restricted access, and computer management. 
  • Maintaining and monitoring our online security systems – around the clock, all year round by our security operations team.

4. Retention And Deletion

4.1 ANZ operates in a highly regulated financial services environment. We may be required or authorised to retain Information we have collected in order to continue to provide you with financial products and services, even if you no longer use the ANZ App. We may retain this Information until we no longer need it for any of our permitted activities or to fulfil our legal or regulatory obligations, including identification and prevention of fraud. 

4.2 We have obligations to retain certain Information for a period of time even if you no longer have any ANZ bank accounts, for example, transaction data, or data which is the subject of a dispute or enquiry.

4.3 We have obligations to destroy or de-identify data when we no longer need it, nor have any obligation or permission to retain it.

5. Third Party Personal Information

5.1 Before you provide us with personal information about someone else, we require that you show them a copy of this notice so that they can understand how ANZ intends to handle their personal information.

6. Further Information

6.1 ANZ’s Privacy Policy 

ANZ’s Privacy Policy contains information about any laws that require or authorise ANZ to collect certain information from you, further details on when ANZ may collect your Information from other sources (including from a third party), how to access the Information ANZ holds about you,  how you can seek to correct it, how you can raise concerns if you believe that ANZ has breached the Privacy Act or an applicable Code, and how ANZ will deal with these matters.

6.2 Contacting us

You can contact us in relation to matters arising under this Notice using the contact information contained within ANZ’s Privacy Policy

6.3 Information collected by Apple and Google

Apple or Google (as applicable) may collect, use and retain your Information directly from your device. Any such collection and handling of Information is subject to terms in place between you and them. For more information on how this Information is handled, please refer to: