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RedEye’s continued global success

When we talked to Wayne Gerard, CEO of RedEye Apps previously, the company had experienced a very successful start-up launching their unique, purpose-built drawing and engineering asset management solution for engineers. During a tradeshow for engineers, they had over 100 people signing up in two days – which was a pretty accurate indicator of how successful RedEye’s product would go on to be.

“It’s so successful because it’s the only purpose-built solution for people who own and operate assets,” Wayne explains. “Engineers, project managers, operations mangers, maintenance guys – we build it specifically to help them do their jobs.”

Not only that, but since their entry into the Asian market, RedEye is now selling their engineering solution in the US and Europe. “We’re seeing a lot of interest in RedEye in the Middle East as well. In fact, I’ll be heading over there in September, so we hope to have our first client over there before the end of the year.”

RedEye has been developed for use over several mobile platforms, including iOS and Android. “People adopt iOS or Android because they like something specific about that particular platform, so we use the native functionality in those platforms as much as we possibly can.”

Since their launch, Wayne and his team have added a new product – the RedEye WFM solution. “This is a Work Force Mobility solution,” Wayne reveals. “It’s designed to allow you to take any template you want – so any form or process that you need to fill in – and put that onto an iPad or an iPhone, so you can go out onto your site and complete work, and as you complete it, everyone involved in the project gets to see the progress.”

Since their start-up, Wayne and his key managers have participated in ANZ’s Business Growth Program. Citing staff recruitment as one of the key challenges they faced during the start-up phase, Wayne credits the program with helping them meet those challenges. “It’s really important to hire the right people, and then train them, giving them the confidence to be great,” he says. “And it was a leadership program, so it helped us meet the challenges of staffing.”

Wayne goes on to credit the program with giving him and his team the necessary tools to grow RedEye into the global success it’s become. “I’m certainly convinced that the ANZ Business Growth Program has taught me and my team so many good lessons,” he says. “We’re getting more growth faster because of what we’ve implemented through the Growth Program.”

RedEye Apps has a comprehensive website and are across several social media platforms. Their digital strategy is, Wayne says, critical to their success, with social media forming an essential part of their marketing strategy. “It’s how we interact with our clients, in the way they want to be engaged,” he explains. “It’s really important for building brand awareness and boosting confidence, how we convey what our values are, how we help people understand what RedEye as a company stands for.

When we first talked to Wayne, he offered some great advice for business success. And he’s got additional tips for anyone who’s thinking of launching a technology-based business:

  • Find a problem that’s worth solving – “A problem that’s large, and relevant in lots of markets, and then build a technology-based product or service that has a recurring revenue stream associated with it, that solves that big problem.”
  • Staffing and culture – “Build a great culture, so that your staff are encouraged to be really productive, make decisions and take risks. Staff’s really important to any start-up and successful growth.”

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