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Can I withdraw or deposit money at an ATM?

Can I withdraw or deposit money at an ATM?

Your ANZ Plus card or Joint ANZ Plus card will work at any Australian ATM and most overseas ATMs, anywhere Visa cards are accepted. 

You can also make withdrawals from merchants if they offer a cash out option.  

There is a default daily limit of $2,500 per card for cash withdrawals. This limit is applicable to withdrawals at ATMs and cash out using your physical card and digital wallet. You can reduce this limit at any time in the app. To do so:

  1. Go to the Card tab. 
  2. Tap on Controls.

For joint accounts, this limit applies to each card. This means that both you and your plus one can each withdraw up to $2,500 daily from your Joint ANZ Plus account as well.

You can deposit cash or an Australian cheque into your ANZ Plus or Joint ANZ Plus account at any ANZ Smart ATM.

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To make a withdrawal, simply select Savings or Credit at the ATM.

Depending on the card you use, your withdrawal will come from your ANZ Plus account or Joint ANZ Plus account. You can't withdraw directly from your ANZ Save account or from your Joint ANZ Save account.

You won’t be charged a withdrawal fee at most ATMs owned by major Australian banks, however some independent ATMs (mostly in convenience stores, bars and clubs) still charge fees. You should be notified of any fees before making your withdrawal.   

If you're using an overseas ATM, ATM operator fees, as well as overseas transaction fees, may apply.