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Earn interest with ANZ Save

Earn interest on your ANZ Save balance, including Savings Goals. And there are no minimum deposits needed each month.

ANZ Save Interest
4.90% p.a.
if your total ANZ Save balance is less than $250k

For example, if your ANZ Save account has a balance of $50,000, you would earn 4.90% per annum on your total ANZ Save balance. Keep your balance under $250,000 to earn a great rate.

ANZ Save Interest
3.75% p.a.
if your total ANZ Save balance is $250k or more

For example, if your ANZ Save account has a balance of $300,000, you would earn 3.75% per annum on your total ANZ Save balance, not just on amounts $250,000 and over.

  • Balances (also referred to as effective daily balance) are indicative. There are reasons for this - check out 'Things you need to know'.

Things you need to know

  • Interest is calculated at the end of each day and paid monthly into your ANZ Save account.
  • One interest rate applies to your total ANZ Save balance each day. Your daily interest rate will depend on whether your total ANZ Save balance is below $250,000 or $250,000 and above.
  • Your balance is also known as the effective daily balance. This may be different to the balance shown as the "Total Saved" in the ANZ Plus app or the balance on your statement. It can be different because:
    • a transaction may not have updated the amount shown - e.g. reversals,
    • a transaction may have updated the amount shown but is not yet fully processed - e.g. a pending transaction,
    • we may not process transactions at the time, on the day or in the order that they're made, or
    • some transactions may have been processed and updated the amount shown, but are later adjusted.
  • Our interest rates, and the balances they apply to, may change. But we’ll be sure to let you know if they do. 
  • For more details check out About amounts shown and Earning interest sections of the T&Cs.

No interest on ANZ Plus balances

ANZ Plus is your everyday account for day-to-day transactions, it doesn’t earn interest. Your ANZ Save account is the place to earn great interest if your balance is less than $250,000.


Zero monthly account fees. Zip.*

You'll pay no monthly account fees on both your accounts - no kidding. And no withdrawal fees at major Australian bank ATMs.

  • Some fees that apply
  • Overseas transactions 3% of the transaction value Find out what an overseas transaction could be
  • International ATM withdrawal $5 (or free at any ANZ ATM)
  • Inward international money transfer May incur a fee of up to $15 Find out more

* Transaction fees may apply, see the ANZ Plus and ANZ Save Accounts T&Cs for details of these fees.

Any advice is general and might not be right for you. The Financial Services GuideTarget Market Determination and ANZ Plus and ANZ Save Accounts T&Cs are available at You should read them before deciding to apply for or keep these products. Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited ABN 11 005 357 522 AFSL 234527

The ANZ Privacy Policy is available at

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