ANZ Plus, the start of your journey towards better financial wellbeing

We’re new so here’s what you get

A beautifully designed new app, two intelligent bank accounts and great features to get you started with heaps more to come.
New ANZ Plus app

Built to give you more visibility and control over your money and help you achieve your financial goals.


An everyday account

A modern transact account for everyday banking with no monthly account  fees1.


A savings account

A multi-goal savings account that earns interest2 without a minimum balance or counting transactions.


Great Interest

Earn 0.50% interest on ANZ Save account balances up to $250,0002 Learn more about our tiered interest and pricing.



A new way to bank in your hands

The ANZ Plus app is expertly designed to give you more visibility and control over your money and help you achieve your financial goals.
  • Receive insights from smart tools at your fingertips
  • Set and track multiple goals 
  • Enhanced security features
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Stuff you need to know

  • You’ll only see your ANZ Plus and Save accounts in the ANZ Plus app
  • You’ll be able to use BPAY payments and Pay to a PayID soon

ANZ Plus and ANZ Save.
Two intelligent accounts.
No monthly account fee.

When you download the new ANZ Plus app, you’ll get a modern everyday account (ANZ Plus) and a multi-goal savings account (ANZ Save). 

Pay no monthly fees

Pay no monthly account fees1 for your ANZ Plus and Save accounts. 

Earn 0.50% p.a. interest with ANZ Save

If you have less than $250,000 or 0.05% p.a if you have $250,000 or more2.

Stuff you need to know

  • Currently ANZ Plus and Save accounts are for Australian individuals 16 and older with a valid Australian passport or driver’s licence. 
  • ANZ Plus and Save accounts are exclusive to the ANZ Plus app, you won’t see them in any other ANZ App. They also do not appear in Internet Banking.

Meet your new-look ANZ Plus Visa Debit Card

Smart and stylish with a fresh, blue glow up. Your new-look card and your new ANZ Plus app are the perfect match.
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If you need a hand, DM a Coach

Instead of branches, our ANZ Plus Coaches are just a message away. You can chat securely in-app with a Coach and get expert support.
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Daily transactions at a glance

Upcoming Expenses

Know about regular expenses that might be coming up³


Save towards a goal, or loads of them

There’s heaps more detail about our new money management features


Bank with confidence

ANZ Plus is a bit different, combining a new digital banking service with ANZ’s long history of security! So, like millions of ANZ customers, you can expect powerful security to help keep your transactions safe.

Fraud protection

ANZ FalconTM anti-fraud protection gives you round-the-clock security to help protect your card and transactions.

More control

Convenient in-app features for locking your card and push notifications for transactions, as well as 6-digit PIN for two factor authentication.

Peace of mind

The ANZ Fraud Money Back Guarantee means we’ll reimburse fraudulent transactions on your card, provided you didn’t contribute to the loss, and you let us know as soon as you discover it.


Make your goals a reality

Pay no monthly account fees1 and earn interest on the goals that you set and track on your ANZ Save account2 Nice!
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See how easy it is to set and track multiple goals with ANZ Save


This is the start of something big

And we’re moving fast and releasing exciting new features all the time!
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Your journey to better financial wellbeing starts here

We do not currently support Android but you can join the waitlist here

Requires iOS 15.0 or later.


Delivering a new way to bank

We’ve developed ANZ Plus to take design, technology and security to the next level. And we have big plans.
ANZ Plus for Android

Our waitlist is now open 

Pay to PayID
BPAY Payments

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Images and features shown are iOS versions. Feature availability and design may differ based on the device, operating system, or ANZ Plus app version. The Money In & Out tile and Searching for Tagged Transaction features are currently available on iOS only.

1 Transaction fees may apply, see the ANZ Plus and ANZ Save Accounts T&Cs for details of these fees.

2 Interest is tiered with different rates applying depending on your ANZ Save balance. Balance must be greater than zero. See the Pricing page for more information. Rates are subject to change.

3 The upcoming expenses tool is a general guide only and is based on historical debits to your ANZ Plus account.

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