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Here's what else you get

Two smart accounts

Get an everyday account that tracks your spending and a savings account that can help you reach goals.

No monthly account fees

You won’t pay any monthly account fees with ANZ Plus.* And there are no withdrawal fees at major Australian bank ATMs. 

Tips from a coach

ANZ Plus Coaches are here to give you expert support and help you build healthy habits so you can spend less and save more. 

A bank on your mobile

ANZ Plus is a new digital way to bank. You can do your banking in the ANZ Plus app with loads of smart money management tools.

New to Australia?

Get a new home for your money. Join fast from your mobile and start banking today.

App tools help you spend less and save more

Use smart app tools to manage your money like spend categorisation, expense prediction and savings goals.

Pro tips from a Coach

Check in with a Financial Wellbeing Coach for one-on-one expert support.

Let's go

Join in minutes from the app

“Was super easy to open an account”

ANZ Plus customer

Minimum of iOS 15.0 or Android 7.0

A QR code that can be scanned with a mobile device's camera. When scanned, it will open the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store on the mobile device

We're shooting for the stars

Terrific App from a big bank

“Wow got my card this week and am so impressed this is from a big bank. Was easy to sign up, seems super easy to use and the overall design is Sooo good. Was not expecting this from a big 4 bank.”


“The best app from a big bank so far. You can tell it’s still early days but new features are coming out all the time. Onboarding was crazy quick and easy! The interface itself is nice and clean. Can create multiple goals instantly. Exciting."

Great app!

“Beautiful interface. Can create multiple savings buckets under just 1 savings account.”

Important info

Stuff you need to know

ANZ Plus offers a new way to bank and comes with heaps of smart money management features but it might not be right for you, right now.

There are a few things we don’t support:
  • ANZ Plus is digital and doesn’t use branches
  • Internet Banking (Online Web Portal)
  • Issuing cheques
  • Overdrafts
  • Outbound International Money Transfers.

You also won’t see other ANZ accounts in the new ANZ Plus app.

If you’re under the age of 15, or looking for a joint account or a credit card, then check out other ANZ products on

^ The interest rate that applies to your entire ANZ Save balance may change depending on the daily balance. A lower interest rate will apply across the entire ANZ Save balance if the daily balance is $250,000 or more. Interest rates are subject to change. For more information click here.

* Transaction fees may apply, see the ANZ Plus and ANZ Save Accounts T&Cs for details of these fees. 

ANZ Plus star rating refers to the ANZ Plus app rating in the Apple App Store. Please refer to the Apple App Store for current rating.

Images and features shown are iOS versions. Feature availability and design may differ based on the device, operating system, or ANZ Plus app version.