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Discover a new way to bank

Move to ANZ Plus and discover a better way to bank, designed with your financial wellbeing in mind.

This is the future of banking

New technology that is exclusively designed to give you more visibility and control over your money. This is just the start.

Here's what else you'll get.


New ANZ Plus app

Built to give you more visibility and control over your money and help you achieve your financial goals.

An everyday account

A modern transact account for everyday banking with no monthly account fees.*

A savings account

A multi-goal savings account to track multiple savings goals and earn interest.

Burning questions

ANZ Plus is the start of something big. If you’re already with ANZ, that might leave you with some questions. Here’s a few answers.

ANZ Plus

How are ANZ and ANZ Plus different?

ANZ Plus

What happens to my other ANZ accounts?

ANZ Plus

Can I still use Internet Banking?

ANZ Plus

Do I get a different BSB and account number?

ANZ Plus

Can I use a branch?

ANZ Plus

Are joint accounts available?

Still have questions? Check out our Support page.

The ANZ Plus Experience

The Next Level in banking

ANZ Plus is a beautifully designed app that comes with two intelligent bank accounts and smart tools to help you spend less and save more.

Feel supported with expert help

Get expert advice from our ANZ Plus Coach to help you reach your savings goals.

If you need a hand, chat to our Coaches who are just a phone call or message away in-app. 

Learn more

How do I join?

You can join ANZ Plus today! Or not, it’s totally up to you!

If you’re ready to experience next level digital banking simply:

  1. Download the ANZ Plus app.
  2. Have your passport (Australian or international) or Australian driver's licence ready.
  3. Sign up for the ANZ Plus and ANZ Save accounts.
  4. Open your ANZ Plus app and start using ANZ Plus in minutes.

Stuff you should know

ANZ Plus offers a new way to bank and comes with heaps of smart money management features but it might not be right for you, right now.

There are a few things we don’t support:

  • ANZ Plus is branchless, you can reach out to a Coach instead
  • Internet Banking (Online Web Portal)
  • Issuing cheques
  • Overdrafts
  • International Money Transfers.

You also won’t see other ANZ accounts in the new ANZ Plus app.

If you’re under the age of 15, or looking for a credit card, then check out other ANZ products on

Your journey to better financial wellbeing starts here

Start banking with ANZ Plus

Already with ANZ? It’s easy to start banking with ANZ Plus and we’ve got an uncomplicated guide to help you on your way.

Using ANZ Plus can help give you more control and visibility over your money to help improve financial wellbeing.


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If ANZ Plus isn’t right for you right now, check out our other ANZ products on

Earn interest on ANZ Save account balances, create multiple savings goals, and pay no monthly account fees.*

* Transaction fees may apply, see the ANZ Plus and ANZ Save Accounts T&Cs for details of these fees.

+ The upcoming expenses tool is a general guide only and is based on historical debits to your ANZ Plus account.

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Images and features shown are iOS versions. Feature availability and design may differ based on the device, operating system, or ANZ Plus app version.