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How can I protect my PINs?

How can I protect my PINs?

When it comes to protecting your money, it's important to make sure you keep both your Access PIN and your card PIN safe and secure. 

To help keep your accounts secure:

  • Never share your PINs with anyone.
  • Don’t use a PIN that can be easily guessed, like a birthday or numbers that represent your name.

The best place to store your PIN is in your head, but if you need to make a record: 

  • Make sure you take reasonable steps to keep it safe.
  • Never keep the record on the device you use to access ANZ Plus.

If your card or device is lost or stolen, misused, or if the security of one of your PINs has been compromised, please contact a Coach right away.

Remember it's up to you to keep your Access PIN and your card PIN safe. You might be liable for unauthorised transactions if: 

  • You contributed to the loss through fraud or a breach of these passcode security guidelines.
  • You unreasonably delay reporting a security breach (such as, losing your card or someone gaining access to your PIN or passwords).
  • An unauthorised transaction occurs because you left your card in an ATM.

Liability for any loss from unauthorised transactions will be determined under the ePayments Code and not under these guidelines.