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What are my payment limits?

How do I change my daily payment and withdrawal limits?

To provide additional security against loss, there are payment and withdrawal limits. They help to protect the money in your accounts by limiting how much can be removed in a short period of time. 

If you have joint accounts, your limits apply to payments made from both your individual and joint accounts. 

These limits aren't shared with the other account holder. They’ll have their own limits that are solely theirs and not shared with you.

You can view or edit your daily payment limits in the app: 

  1. Go to the Profile icon.
  2. Tap on Payment Settings.
  3. Select the limit you'd like to update.

For security, you may need to authenticate using your Access PIN, Face ID, Touch ID or biometric authorisation (depending on your device and whether you've recently authenticated during the session) before making a payment. 

Pay Anyone Limit 

Your daily Pay Anyone limit is set to $5,000 by default. It includes payments to BSB and account numbers as well as PayIDs. 

Any limit above $30,000 is temporary and applies to payments until 11:59pm AEST/AEDT on the day it is set, unless you choose to lower it sooner. 

BPAY Limit 

Your daily BPAY limit is set to $30,000 by default and can be increased or decreased.

Crypto Payment Limit 

You also have a $10,000 limit each calendar month for payments we identify as being made to crypto exchanges (based on information available to us at the time) from your accounts and card.