Consumer Data Right (CDR) Policy

Understanding what it means for you

If you’ve heard the term ‘Open Banking’, then you may already have an idea of what the Consumer Data Right (CDR) involves. The CDR regime was first introduced in the banking industry. The CDR is designed to give you greater control of your data to increase competition, and encourage innovation in the Australian economy.

Simply put, the CDR allows you to access, and authorise ANZ Plus to share, selected banking data for specific purposes with accredited organisations.

You can decide when to share your CDR data, what CDR data you share, and with whom.

As required by the Consumer Data Right legislation, we’ve put together this Consumer Data Right (CDR) Policy. This policy explains how we manage your CDR data and describes how you can access and correct your CDR data, or make a complaint, if needed.

To find out more, please read our Consumer Data Right Policy

Open Banking (also known as the Consumer Data Right) means you can share your ANZ Plus data with third parties accredited by the Australian Government (known as Accredited Data Recipients). It allows you to share your ANZ Plus data with Accredited Data Recipients to help aggregate and compare your data.

We will not share your ANZ Plus data unless you have consented to share your data with an Accredited Data Recipient. In order to begin sharing your ANZ Plus data with Accredited Data Recipients you must create a data sharing arrangement.

When you create a data sharing arrangement with an Accredited Data Recipient, your ANZ Plus data will only be shared via secure channels.

There are privacy and security standards to protect your ANZ Plus data which ANZ Plus and other participating organisations (other data holders and Accredited Data Recipients) need to meet.

For more information about Open Banking and security, please refer to

ANZ Plus customers can share their data with Accredited Data Recipients when they meet the customer and account eligibility criteria below.

Customer eligibility
Customers must meet all customer eligibility criteria below:

  • Must be 18 years old or over
  • Must own at least one publicly offered banking product which is accessible online 

Account eligibility

In order to share data for an account, customers must meet the customer eligibility and the account must meet the eligibility criteria below:

  • It must be either an open account, or an account that has been closed within the last 24 months
  • It must be an ANZ Plus account or an ANZ Save account 

You can share your ANZ Plus customer data, account data, and transaction data.

You can only share your ANZ Plus data with Accredited Data Recipients. You can view the list of Accredited Data Recipients at

To start sharing your ANZ Plus data, you'll need follow the steps provided by the Accredited Data Recipient who will be receiving the data. 

When you are asked to identify the data holders where you have the accounts you wish to share, and choose ANZ Plus, you will be redirected so we can authenticate you and prompt you to authorise ANZ Plus to share your data with the Accredited Data Recipient.

To view your current or historical ANZ Plus data sharing agreements in the ANZ Plus app, go to the Profile icon and tap on Data Sharing.

You won’t be able to create or manage data sharing arrangements for your accounts with other ANZ brands via ANZ Plus.

You can choose to stop data sharing at any time.  You can do this using the Accredited Data Recipient’s service or using the ANZ Plus app. 

Before you stop sharing your ANZ Plus data, you should review your Accredited Data Recipient's policy on deleting or de-identifying your ANZ Plus data. If you are unsure of their policy, or how it may affect you, contact your Accredited Data Recipient before you stop sharing your ANZ Plus data.

To stop sharing your data from within the ANZ Plus app:

  1. Go to the Profile icon
  2. Tap on Data Sharing
  3. Select the data sharing arrangement you wish to stop
  4. Tap on Stop Data Sharing

If you’re a developer, Open Banking allows you to access data about ANZ Plus products currently offered to the market. This uses Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Our Product APIs have been developed in accordance with the Consumer Data Standards.

  • The request must be a HTTP Get request to the relevant product API endpoint. At a minimum, the mandatory parameters defined in the specifications must be included. URLs and links to specifications are given under each API section below
  • These are public APIs and do not require authentication
  • The response will be in the format defined by the Consumer Data Standards

Product API: Obtain a list of ANZ Plus products that are currently offered openly to the market.  Learn more about the API Specifications for our Product API at the Consumer Data Standards Australia website.

  • API URL:

Product Details API: Obtain detailed information on a single ANZ Plus account offered openly to the market. Learn more about the API Specifications for our Product Details API at the Consumer Data Standards Australia website.

  • API URL:{productId} 

For more details on the Consumer Data Right, please refer to