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Go paperless and receive online bills only to contribute towards achieving ANZ’s environmental sustainability targets.

  • Your bill summary outlines information about a specific bill
  • It consists of account details, bill details and a reference number
  • If you'd like to view the bill in full you can click the "View detailed bill" link
  • If you're happy with the bill summary you can proceed to pay the bill.

You can view the bill summary of current bills on the "View online bills" landing page and previous bills on the "View previous bills" page.

How do I view my bill summary?

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Frequently asked questions

Use our faqs to find out more about viewing an online bill summary.

The bill summary displays a summary of your bill including the following:

  • biller name
  • biller code
  • bill account number
  • bill description/your description (if any)
  • bill issue date
  • due date
  • amount due
  • reference number.

As soon as the summary of the bill is viewed, the status of the bill changes from "New" to "Viewed".

Follow the steps below to file bill summaries with previous bills:

  • Select the bill using the radio button next to the bill summary you would like to file.
  • Then click on "File with Previous Bills"
  • This will move your selected summary to your previous bills file.
  • This can be viewed for up to two years.

You will get the bill summary in ANZ Internet Banking. To view a detailed bill follow the steps below:

  • Click on the "View detailed bill" link
  • This will take you to an external page provided by your biller, which will have a full version of the bill including itemisations and credits, etc.

Once you have viewed the bill, you can easily make an immediate payment or set up a future dated payment.

  • Click on the "Pay this bill" link under your bill summary.
  • This will take you to the pay BPAY® bills page with the details of your bill pre-populated.

To view previous bills, click on "View previous bills" link. This will allow you to view bills that you have already moved to your previous bills file.

Yes. You can de-register a specific BPAY View™biller from online bills any time.

  • Go to "BPAY View™ Biller List"
  • Select a biller, using the radio buttons under the "Select" column
  • Then click on "Deactivate biller"

This will mean you'll no longer receive bills from that biller through your ANZ Internet Banking.