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Let’s get you started

Are you an existing ANZ customer? Follow these steps to get started!

1. Get your mobile phone

You must be using an Android or Apple mobile device and an active Australian mobile phone to receive your registration confirmation code by SMS.

2. Download the app

Once you have an account, be sure to download the app on your Android or iPhone and start banking with ANZ goMoney®!

3. Register and confirm

Next, enter your ANZ Internet Banking login details and your mobile number, and create a 4-digit secure PIN. Then confirm and complete your registration by entering the code sent to you via SMS.

4. Bank on the go

View your linked accounts and start banking straight away with Pay Anyone, Pay to Mobiledisclaimer and BPAY®disclaimer; features for convenient mobile banking wherever you go, 24/7.

ANZ goMoney® can be registered on as many as five mobile devices, Apple iOS or Android only. Each device will be linked to your Customer Registration Number (CRN), so you’ll only need the one 4-digit PIN to access the app across all your registered devices.

Please refer to the ANZ goMoney terms and conditions.

BPAY is registered to BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518.

ANZ goMoney® is provided by and is a registered trade mark of ANZ.

ANZ goMoney® for Android™ is only available in Google Play™. ANZ goMoney® for iPhone is only available from the App Store. iPhone and Touch ID are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Android, Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google Inc.

A combined daily transaction limit of $1,000 applies to Pay Anyone and Pay to Mobile transactions. Recipients require an account with an Australian financial institution to receive or collect payments.

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A limit of $10,000 per transaction and $15,000 per day applies to BPAY payments.

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