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Pay anyone over $1,000
Pay with Voice ID

Now available on Grow by ANZdisclaimer



Voice ID. It's simple and secure


We all have different voices with distinctive sounds and rhythms.

Voice ID takes advantage of this as a safe and convenient method of verifying your identity. But what does that mean for you?

An additional layer of security that lets you do more. No need to remember extra password or PINs.

Higher mobile payment limits


We’ve started with our Grow by ANZ app, where setting up Voice ID could help you make higher value payments from your device without leaving the app.

With Voice ID, you can now make Pay Anyone payments over $1,000 and BPAY® payments over $10,000.

Setting up Voice ID is easy


  • Go to 'Edit Settings'
  • Tap on Voice ID and follow the prompts
  • When prompted, say the phrase "My voice confirms my identity"
  • And you're done

Making higher value payments in Grow by ANZ is simple

To make a higher value payment all you need to do is:


Open Grow by ANZ on your mobile device. Select the account you wish to make the payment from


Enter your payment details and confirm


When prompted, say the phrase displayed on your screen 'My voice confirms my identity'


With your identity verified, a confirmation receipt will appear. It's that easy

Got a question?

Voice ID is a secure authentication method that uses advanced biometric security to verify your voice based on hundreds of unique characteristics. This makes it difficult for someone else to imitate you or even use pre-recorded audio of your voice.

A little background noise is fine. But if you’re in a loud environment (such as a crowded café or sporting event), it might be harder to use Voice ID effectively.

No. Voice ID uses unique characteristics of your voice to securely verify your identity. Speech recognition identifies words and phrases, no matter who they’re spoken by.

If you can’t use Voice ID, for example if you’ve lost your voice, you can still use ANZ Internet Banking to make a ‘Pay Anyone’ transaction over $1,000 or a BPAY® transaction over $10,000. 

If someone familiar to you can't recognise you over the phone, then it’s unlikely the technology will be able to. 

Terms and conditions apply to the use of Grow by ANZ. Please refer to the Grow by ANZ Terms and Conditions 

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