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Ace the Open

Helping more Australians get on top of their money. This year, you can contribute to the donation tally by serving up your own ace on pop-up courts across the country.


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What is Ace the Open?

For every ace served at the 2019 Australian Open, ANZ will donatedisclaimer to one of our four charity partners to support financial wellbeing programs.

ANZ is committed to improving the financial wellbeing of the nation through the support of the MoneyMinded program, to help Aussies: 

  • make the most of what they’ve got through budgeting, saving and planning ahead
  • get on top of their money by becoming better informed and confident with managing their money

How does Ace the Open work?

Serve an ace

An ace is served at the 2019 Australian Open or one of our pop-up courts.disclaimer


ANZ donates money

ANZ will donate to our charity partners for each ace serveddisclaimer


Improve financial wellbeing

Each ace aims to improve the financial wellbeing of more Australians.


Reach 10,000 Australians

Ace the Open hopes to reach 10,000 Australians.


Pop-up court locations

ANZ will make a donationdisclaimer to charity partners for every ace served on pop-up courtsdisclaimer across the country.


14 - 27 January 2019 at Birrarung Marr


19 - 20 January 2019 at Darling Harbour Promenade


26 - 27 January 2019 at King George Square

How we make a difference

See how the program is supporting Australians to improve their financial wellbeing.


Charity Partners

As Australia's first charity, The Benevolent Society has been giving people with disabilities, children, families, older Australians, and carers a helping hand since 1813 with a vision for a just society where all Australians can live their best life.

The Smith Family is a children's charity helping disadvantaged Australian children to get the most out of their education, so they can create better futures for themselves.

Berry Street helps children, young people and families recover from the devastating effects of violence, abuse and neglect, focusing on the right of every child to grow up feeling safe, nurtured and with hope for the future.

The Brotherhood of St Laurence is a community organisation that works to prevent and alleviate poverty across Australia.

How you can help

You can support our charity partners by making your own donation.

Donate to The Benevolent Society, Berry Street, Brotherhood of St Laurence or The Smith Family.

ANZ will donate $10 for every ace served across all singles, doubles, mixed, wheelchair and juniors matches at the 2019 Australian Open to our charity partners to support the delivery of the MoneyMinded program. Each donation is expected to enable one person to complete the MoneyMinded program. ANZ will also donate $1 for every ace served by the public at the Ace the Open Pop-up Courts, located in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. ANZ is committed to donating a minimum of $100,000 through Ace the Open.

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All members of the public are welcome to participate at the Ace the Open Pop-up Courts. Each participant who successfully serves an ace by hitting the tennis ball through the target will receive a prize, subject to availability. For every ace served at the Ace the Open Pop-up Courts, ANZ will donate $1 to our charity partners to support the delivery of the MoneyMinded program. By participating at the Ace the Open Pop-Up Courts, you agree to these terms and conditions.

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