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Helping you transition from business ownership to personal wealth.




Before a business sale, decisions matter by the millions

Think selling a home is stressful? Try selling a business.

Gradually relinquishing control is one of the hardest things a business owner will go through. It is a complex, often emotional path to set up a business to survive without its owner – but it makes a business more valuable and ultimately strengthens the owner’s legacy.

Privately-run businesses usually need to be extensively overhauled before they become a tradeable asset. Good pre-sale decisions can ease this process and create value, while the absence of them can see value stripped away.

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Honest, early talk is the best start to family business succession

Talking about succession brings up deeply sensitive issues, such as the mortality of the incumbent generation, the question of which – if any – siblings will take over, and sometimes the hard reality that the business owner does not know what to do with himself after stepping back.

But discussions about succession need to take place early, because that will ultimately lead to the best outcome for the business and the family.

“What I say is it’s like trying yoga for the first time,” Powell says. “If it doesn’t make you uncomfortable you’re probably doing it wrong.”

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How to move on from your business with real purpose

Preparing a business for sale takes time. Seeing the business off in good shape and in the hands of the right buyer can go a long way to easing the business owner out of their identification with the business. To achieve this, West has seen some owners choose a buyer they trust over a buyer offering a larger sum.

But in some cases, business owners miss the chance to plan their exit well by not leaving when the time is right: their children are over 50 and thinking about retirement themselves, and therefore unsuited to take on the business; health issues force the owner into a hasty exit which isn’t planned properly and leads to a less than ideal sale result.

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About ANZ Private Advisory

ANZ Private Advisory are a dedicated team of experts that help individual’s transition from business ownership to personal wealth.

They have extensive experience helping other business owners go through similar transitions, which means they understand the broader and more complex considerations that can affect you, your family and future generations to come.

They make preparing for life after business easier for you, by taking a holistic approach to transition planning, developing a clear roadmap, working with your other advisors, and where needed, referring you to their professional networks.

ANZ Private Advisory offers services in banking, investments and wealth solutions, to help you and your family live the life you choose after the sale of your business.

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