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What card controls can I use?

You can use card controls in the ANZ Plus app to restrict how your ANZ Plus Visa Debit card can be used. 

Changes to your card controls may take up to 15 minutes to take effect, but you can prevent:

  • Contactless Payments: Toggle on and off the ability to make tap and pay payments using your card or digital wallet. When toggled off, you’ll need to insert or swipe your card at smart ATMs and merchant terminals (where available).
  • ATM Withdrawals: Choose whether you’d like to enable or disable cash withdrawals from ATMs with your card.
  • Online Transactions: Stop your ANZ Plus Visa Debit card being used for online transactions.
  • Overseas Transactions (In-Store): Prevent overseas in-person transactions using your card or digital wallet. However, this won’t stop online transactions that are processed overseas using your card details.
  • Gambling Transactions: To prevent your card or digital wallet from being used for gambling transactions, you can add a gambling block.

To change your card controls:

  1. Go to the Card tab
  2. Tap on Controls