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What if I’m having trouble joining?

Joining ANZ Plus normally only takes a few minutes. However, the two most common joining issues are: a missing verification SMS and a verification delay. 

Missing verification SMS

When you open an account with ANZ Plus, you’ll be sent a verification SMS with a one-time code to confirm your mobile number.

Sometimes, an SMS gets delayed due to network issues. If you don't receive the verification SMS, restart the ANZ Plus app and enter your mobile number again. You should then be sent a new one-time code.

If you’re on an Android mobile device, also check your Spam folder for the missing SMS.

Verification delay

Your identity can normally be verified in minutes but sometimes it takes us more time. Between 8am and 10pm AEST/AEDT, it typically takes up to an hour. We’ll let you know in the app if there’s a delay.