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What is Open Banking?

Open Banking (also known as data sharing or the Consumer Data Right) was introduced by the Australian Government to give you greater control of your banking data.

With Open Banking, you can share your ANZ Plus data with third parties accredited by the Australian Government (known as Accredited Data Recipients). 

This data may include:

  • Personal information (mobile number, email, and address)
  • Account information and balances
  • Transaction details (including amounts and merchants)
  • Product information (rates, fees, and features)

We will not share your ANZ Plus data unless you have consented to share your data with an Accredited Data Recipient. In order to begin sharing data with Accredited Data Recipients you must create a data sharing arrangement.

Sharing joint account data

You may also be able to share joint account data as part of an Open Banking arrangement. If personal information is requested as part of a joint account agreement, we’ll only share the personal details belonging to the person who created the arrangement.

View ANZ Plus' Consumer Data Right Policy