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Can I access my benefits if my account is overdrawn?

If your account has been overdrawn and you receive eligible benefits from Centrelink/DVA, you will still be entitled to access 90% of the payment, even if the remaining 10% doesn't cover the overdrawn amount. To request this, please send us a message.

We will contact you if your account becomes overdrawn to remind you about this entitlement.

The benefits may initially be deducted to cover the overdrawn amount, however if you send us a message we will ensure 90% of the eligible payment is or has been made available to you. This should take 1 to 3 days.

For example, if your account is overdrawn by $150 and you receive an eligible Centrelink/DVA payment of $100, we will use the entire payment to repay the overdrawn amount. However, within 1 to 3 days of making your request, you should be able to access $90 of that Centrelink/DVA benefit.

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