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How do I view my ANZ Plus bank statements?

Every month you’ll get two statements, one for your ANZ Plus account and one for your ANZ Save account. Both statements are usually available shortly after the end of the month. 

To view your ANZ Plus and Save statements:

  1. Tap on the Profile icon in the ANZ Plus app
  2. Tap on Statements

The transactions in your statement are ordered by the date we process them, so they may not align with the transaction times and dates in the ANZ Plus app. 

Report unauthorised transactions

If you notice any errors or unauthorised transactions, report them to us right away. 

To report a transaction:

  1. Go to the Money tab in the ANZ Plus app
  2. Select the transaction
  3. Tap on Something not right? and follow the prompts

You can also send us a message to request an interim statement.

To message a Coach and request an interim statement:

  1. Go to the Support tab in the ANZ Plus app
  2. Tap on Money
  3. Select Statements and tap on Message Us