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What is Quick Login?

We’ve designed the ANZ Plus app so you can open it with ‘Quick Login’. Quick Login lets you access some of the basic app features without entering your Access PIN, or authenticating with biometrics.

This includes: 

  • Viewing account details
  • Viewing account and goal balances
  • Viewing transactions and payments
  • Making transfers between your ANZ Plus and ANZ Save accounts

You’ll be prompted to authenticate if you need to perform other tasks in the app, but you’ll only need to do this once during a session unless your session ends or times out.

If you prefer to log in each time you open your ANZ Plus app, you can turn off Quick Login:

  1. Go to the Profile icon
  2. Tap on Security
  3. Toggle Quick Login on/off

For security reasons, if you don't have a passcode on your device you won't be able to set up Quick Login.