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How do I add my Tax File Number (TFN)?

You’re not required to provide us with your Tax File Number (TFN) or TFN exemption. But if we don’t have it, we must deduct Withholding Tax from any interest you earn.

Withholding Tax is deducted at the highest marginal tax rate (plus any applicable government levies) in accordance with tax law.

To add your TFN:

  1. Go to Profile in the ANZ Plus app
  2. Tap on Profile
  3. Tap on Tax File Number and follow the prompts

If you need to remove your TFN for any reason, message us in the app:

  1. Go to the Support tab in the ANZ Plus app
  2. Tap on Message Us

To get your Withholding Tax refunded within the current financial year, you can message a Coach in the app. They’ll arrange a refund for you.

TIP: Remember never to share your TFN or any sensitive information in a message.