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How can I use my ANZ Plus card while overseas?

Your ANZ Plus Visa Debit card should work overseas anywhere that Visa is accepted. Since merchants in some countries don’t accept tap and pay to authorise transactions, make sure you know your PIN.

To update your PIN:

  1. Go to the Card tab in the ANZ Plus app
  2. Tap on Change Card PIN

Using ATMs overseas

Your ANZ Plus card is compatible with most overseas ATMs. However, you should make sure the ATM accepts Visa cards.

Overseas Transaction Fees will apply, and an ATM Fee of $5 will apply if you withdraw money or make a balance enquiry at a Non-ANZ ATM. The ATM operator may also charge a fee.

Making purchases while overseas

If you use your ANZ Plus Visa Debit card to make a purchase while you are overseas an Overseas Transaction Fee will apply.

The Overseas Transaction Fee is 3% of the total value of:

  • the transaction, and
  • any ATM operator fees and any other fees and charges for the transaction.

For more information on Overseas Transaction Fees read the ANZ Plus and ANZ Save Accounts T&Cs.

Overseas Transaction Fees may also apply in other instances and it won’t always be clear to you whether a transaction is an overseas transaction.

For example, an overseas transaction can include any withdrawal, purchase, reversal or other transaction processed to your account:

  • in a foreign currency
  • where the person accepting or processing the transaction is outside Australia (even if you're in Australia), and/or
  • where a third-party person involved in processing or accepting the transaction decides the transaction requires conversion into Australian dollars or is an overseas transaction.

Replacing a card when you’re overseas

If you lose your card overseas, you can easily lock, cancel and replace your card from the app.