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ANZ Cash Packs

Arrive prepared with a pre-packaged mix of foreign currency notes, so that you're ready to pay for minor expenses when you touch down.



Quick and convenient

Conveniently pre-packaged

We’ve pre-selected the mix of foreign currency denominations to take the stress out of foreign currency exchange.


Cash ready on arrival

ANZ Cash Packs mean you can start your holiday as soon as you land without wasting time queuing and waiting to exchange money.

Attractive exchange rates 

Enjoy competitive exchange rates, so you'll have more money to spend on your holiday. Use our currency converter to work out how much you'll need.


Available in multiple currencies

ANZ Cash Packs are available in United States Dollars (USD), European Euros (EUR), Great British Pounds (GBP), New Zealand Dollars (NZD), Thai Baht (THB) and Chinese Renminbi (CNY).disclaimer

Save with fee waivers

We’ll waive the $5 ANZ Cash Pack fee if:

These fee waivers are available in any ANZ branch or ANZ Foreign Exchange Centre (including at Sydney Airport).disclaimer

Currency breakdown and fees

Cash pack breakdown
Cash pack currency Total value Denominations
United States Dollars $450 USD 7 x $50, 4 x $20, 3 x $5, 5 x $1
European Euros €350 EUR 5 x €50, 4 x €20, 2 x €10
Great British Pounds £300 GBP 3 x £50, 5 x £20, 5 x £10;
New Zealand Dollars $600 NZD 8 x $50, 8 x $20, 3 x $10, 2 x $5
Thai Baht ฿14,000 THB 6 x ฿1000, 15 x ฿500, 5 x ฿100
Chinese Renminbi ¥2,500 CNY 20 x ¥100, 10 x ¥50

There are no fees for ANZ account holders. For non-ANZ account holders, a purchase fee of $5 AUD will apply per pack. However, we will waive this fee if you purchase an ANZ Travel Card or Travel Insurance at the same time as your ANZ Cash Pack. 

Buying ANZ Cash Packs

You can purchase your ANZ Cash Pack from any ANZ Branch or from ANZ Foreign Exchange Centres (including at Sydney Airport), depending on whether you have an ANZ account as well as the equivalent value of the ANZ Cash Pack you want to purchase.disclaimer Limits for buying and selling foreign currency cash may apply. Refer to Foreign Currency Cash for details.

Available to both ANZ and non-ANZ account holders from ANZ local branches or ANZ Foreign Exchange Centres.


Visit a branch

Locate us

Visit an ANZ Foreign Exchange Centre

Locate us

Existing account holders - available from ANZ local branches or ANZ Foreign Exchange Centres using an ANZ transaction account or an ANZ credit card account. disclaimer

Non-ANZ acccount holders - available from an ANZ Foreign Exchange Centre (photo identification required).


Visit a branch

Locate us

Visit an ANZ Foreign Exchange Centre

Locate us

Converting back to Australian Dollars

When you get home you can convert any unused notes from your ANZ Cash Pack back to Australian Dollarsdisclaimer at the ANZ cash buy rate on the day of conversion, with no additional fees for ANZ account holders. View the current ANZ foreign currency exchange rates.

You will need to show photo identification, such as your passport, when exchanging foreign currency. Please note that a conversion fee of $8 AUD per currency applies to non-ANZ account holders. 

Where can I do it?

If you’re an ANZ account holder, you can convert your foreign currency back to Australian Dollars at any ANZ Branch or ANZ Foreign Exchange Centre.

If you’re not an ANZ account holder then you can convert foreign currencydisclaimer with a total value of less than $1000 AUD at any ANZ Branch or ANZ Foreign Exchange Centre. For transactions equivalent to or exceeding $1000 AUD, you’ll need to visit an ANZ Foreign Exchange Centre. Limits for buying and selling foreign currency cash may apply.

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Any advice does not take into account your personal needs and financial circumstances and you should consider whether it is appropriate for you. ANZ recommends you read the applicable Terms and Conditions and the ANZ Financial Services Guide (PDF, 104kB) before acquiring the product.

ANZ Cash Packs are available at any ANZ branch or Foreign Exchange Centre (including at Sydney Airport) subject to stock availability.

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Cash Pack Fee waiver is only available to existing ANZ customers. Standard product terms and conditions apply.

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If you pay by credit card this will be treated as a cash advance and may incur additional charges.

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The ANZ cash buy rate applicable on the day of conversion will be applied to the conversion of foreign currency into Australian Dollars.

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Fees and charges may apply for any currency conversion.

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