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Portable contents insurance

Published 19 December 2018

Protect the valuable items you take with you, from your phone to the jewellery you wear

Your personal, portable valuables are some of the most important day-to-day items you rely on – this could be devices like your mobile phone and laptop, or sporting equipment, as well as jewellery that has special meaning in your life, such as a wedding ring.

Knowing these portable possessions may be covered, not only when you are at home, but also when you're on the move, gives peace of mind. So, the next time you accidentally drop your smartphone and crack your screen when you're out for an evening, you know that your contents insurance policy may have you covered.

You can choose different levels of cover under your contents insurance policy. Depending on the policy definitions, your portable possessions could be covered from accidental loss or damage wherever you are.

Typical items which could be covered are your:

  • bike
  • smartphone
  • laptop
  • keys
  • ring
  • musical instruments
  • sporting equipment.

With contents cover in ANZ Home Insurance you don’t get each of your portable contents insured individually; they’re all covered as ‘portable contents’ under your nominated insured amount. However, you would need to specify any valuables over $3000disclaimer

When applying for contents cover in ANZ Home Insurance, you'll be asked to nominate a sum insured for all your contents. This amount should be as accurate as possible because it’s the maximum that will be paid in the event of a claim. Your contents sum insured should equal the current total cost of replacing all your contents, including GST. ANZ provides you with an initial contents sum insured amount which is calculated based on the occupancy type, postcode and number of bedrooms. The below table outlines what optional benefits you can choose and what they mean for you.


What is the benefit of choosing ANZ Home Insurance?

What’s covered?

What this could mean for you

Accidental loss or damage at home (contents)

Unintended and unexpected loss or damage to contents at your home is covered. This includes items you accidentally lose, but only if you can establish the cause. You will also be covered for damage from charring, melting and scorching as a result of a fire without the presence of flames where the damage was caused by a:

  • hot item including cigarettes, cigars or pipes
  • home heater
  • cooking appliance.

You accidentally lose your wedding ring at home while moving your furniture around. You are covered for accidental loss. The ring is automatically covered up to $3000, unless you set a specified amount.

Contents cover away from home

Contents cover away from home is an optional benefit that covers your portable valuables for up to 120 consecutive days worldwide for unexpected loss or damage, including items you accidentally lose but only when you can establish the cause.

You are travelling to Europe and your bag containing your mobile phone, laptop and $250 cash is stolen. The cost of replacement is covered. However, the total cost of the items needs to be no more than 25 per cent of the contents sum insured or $15,000.

Specified valuables

Normally, contents classified as ‘valuables’ are insured for up to $3000 each. But with this option you can set a specific value up to a maximum of $40,000. These valuables are also covered away from home.

Your house is broken into and some jewellery and an expensive watch are stolen, worth a total of $15,000. Under a standard policy each item is only insured for $3000. But by listing them as ‘specified valuables’ in your policy you can recoup the full value.

Make sure you’ve got the cover you need with ANZ Home Insurance today.

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For an additional cost, valuables that exceed $3,000, can be insured at a value selected by you. Valuable items include jewellery, watches, collectibles and items containing gold and silver.