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Things to know about gambling and credit cards

There are specific guidelines about when you can use a personal ANZ credit card for gambling transactions. Here’s an update on some key changes that have been introduced.

To help minimise potential customer harm from gambling when using a credit card, ANZ changed the way we treat transactions on personal ANZ credit cards which we identify as being for gambling or gaming purposes. The changes prevent you from using your credit card for these purposes once you’re getting close to your credit limit. 

Transactions that ANZ identifies as being for a gambling or gaming purpose will be declined if, at the time you attempt to transact, you’ve used 85% or more of your credit limit, or if the transaction (if processed) would take your balance to 85% or more of your credit limit. If your gambling transaction has been declined – you’ll see a ‘declined’ message at the point of sale.

Some examples of when gambling transaction could be declined

Sam has a limit of $5,000 on her credit card. She has spent $4,250 on purchases including groceries, flights, lottery tickets and petrol. She tries to place a $10 bet on a horse race using her personal ANZ credit card. This gambling transaction is declined because she’s already reached 85% of her credit limit. Before she could make another gambling transaction on her credit card, Sam would have to pay off some of her credit card balance.

John has a limit of $5,000 on his credit card. He has spent $4,200 on purchases including clothes, bills, concert tickets and online betting. He tries to place a $100 bet at a casino using his personal ANZ credit card. This gambling transaction is declined because while he has only spent 84% of his credit limit, this bet will take his balance to 86% of his credit limit. He would need to reduce the amount of his bet or pay off some of his credit card balance before he could make another gambling transaction on his credit card.

What counts as a gambling transaction?

A gambling transaction is any purchase that ANZ identifies as being for gambling or gaming purposes. It could include, for example, transactions for lottery tickets, online casinos, sports betting, playing the pokies or transactions with overseas betting agencies.

Sometimes – because ANZ identifies gambling transactions based on information given to us by a merchant and their bank – it’s possible we may think that a transaction is a gambling or gaming transaction, when in fact it’s not. And vice versa. A common example could be trying to use your credit card to buy a magazine from a newsagency that sells lottery tickets, if the newsagency is listed by its bank as a gambling business. In this case, your transaction may be identified as a gambling transaction and declined.

How to tell when you’re close to 85% of your limit?

You can view information about your balance and credit limit in ANZ Internet Banking or on the ANZ Appdisclaimer. Alternatively, you can visit your nearest branch or call us on 13 22 73 ( +61 3 9683 9999 if overseas). When you’re checking your balance, just remember that some transactions may not be processed immediately and will not appear in the current balance.

To work out the percentage of how much of your credit limit you’ve used, simply divide your current balance by your credit limit and multiply the result by 100.

E.g. $1,000 (current balance) / $5,000 (credit limit) X 100 = 20% of limit used.

E.g. $4,200 (current balance) / $5,000 (credit limit) X 100 = 84% of limit used.

Need help with your gambling?

If you feel you need help or wish to speak to an independent person about your situation, please visit Gambling Help Line or call 1800 858 858.

More information about ANZ's Gambling guidelines?

For more information, please refer to ANZ's Gambling guidelines or call ANZ on 13 22 73 (or +61 3 9683 9999 if overseas). ANZ's Gambling guidelines are subject to change in accordance with the ANZ Credit Cards Conditions of Use.

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