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Using your credit card

Whether you're just getting started, or a long-time ANZ credit card customer, this section contains information to help you get the most from your card.

Activate your card

Activate your card the easiest way. Log in to ANZ Internet Banking and select Activate an ANZ card from the Settings menu. If you prefer to phone or visit a branch, you can find out how below. You can also activate your card in the ANZ App. Log in and tap More to get started.

Change your credit limit

We understand that your financial needs change over time. So we've made it easy to request a credit limit change whenever you need, online or over the phone.

Pay your credit card

There are a range internet, phone, ATM, or apps available as a better way to pay your credit card. But if you prefer you can visit an ANZ branch.

Travelling overseas

Let us know before you go to ensure our ANZ Falcon doesn't impact your travel. We have a range of other tips for you get the most from your ANZ credit card while overseas.


Getting started

Now you've got your new ANZ credit card, you'll need to activate it, choose a PIN, transfer payments and register for internet banking.


Using your card

Whether you're looking to make everyday purchases, pay your credit card, or find out about travelling overseas with your ANZ credit card, we have the information to help.


Managing your card

When you're looking to get more from your card, add a cardholder, update your contact details, or even change to a different card, you'll find information to help you here.

Credit card education

Credit cards come with some big responsibilities and it's a smart idea to wrap your head around how they work.

Budgeting and your spending habits

Get an understanding of your credit card spending habits by reviewing your bank statements or keeping a daily diary. Is your monthly spending higher than your income? What sort of saver or spender are you?

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Managing your credit card debt

It could be tempting to make only the minimum monthly payment shown on your statement, but this approach could end up costing you more in the long run and credit card debt could build up.

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Paying off your credit card

It might be useful to develop a regular rhythm of paying off your credit card. Consider setting a due date reminder on your phone or a direct debit to pay off your closing balance in full each month.

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Balance transfers

Promotional balance transfer offers can vary – so it’s important to check the specific details (including terms and conditions) that apply to each offer. 

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Interest on your credit card

If you want to pay less interest on your credit card balance – you might want to consider trying to pay as much of it as you can each month, while always being mindful of your other financial commitments.

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Learn more about your card

For information about your ANZ credit card, select it from below to view rates and fees along with a range of tips to help you get the most from your card.

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Assistance and emergencies

Whether your card has been lost, stolen or damaged, or you've forgotten your PIN, we're here to help when something isn't right with your ANZ credit card account.

Help and support

We are here to help you, whether you need to query a transaction, find information on your credit card interest rates, or find a particular form or brochure.

Applications for credit are subject to ANZ’s credit approval criteria. Terms and conditions, and fees and charges apply. Australian credit licence number 234527.