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Improve the dining experience with customised third party POS vendor apps designed for the hospitality industry. 



Our third party POS vendors


Take orders on the spot

Abacus' Waiter Pad App on ANZ BladePay™ is an extension of your POS Waiter Pad and can drive productivity for your staff and improve customer experience by allowing order and payments to be taken on the spot.

Find out more at Abacus

Bill splitting and tipping

With the Impos SmartPay App on ANZ BladePay™ your staff will have fewer trips between the POS terminal and your customers. They can complete transactions at any table and confirm payment wirelessly, meaning no manual keying errors. Functionality includes elegant bill-splitting and tipping, allowing customers to split by item, amount or by the number of people. It also allows you to view the whole bill and how much is remaining so bills are always paid in full. Your staff will be able to deliver faster, more efficient service, and your customers will enjoy a better overall experience.

Find out more at Impos

Avoid double-handling

oPay offers the very latest in pay at table technology, providing a seamless payment solution both your customers and staff will find fast, easy and efficient. Avoid double-handling by allowing your staff to take lightning fast payment transactions from any location within your venue. Easily enable split-bill functionality and electronic tipping. Offer a higher level of convenience by sending digital EFTPOS receipts to your customers straight from the ANZ BladePay™ device. Don’t hold back, oPay is fast to install and configuration is trouble-free.

Coming soon

Find out more at OrderMate

Queue-bust those lines

Wouldn’t it be great if you could place your order from your table, and have it magically delivered? Welcome to ANZ BladePay™ with Polygon Express. Customer service at the table, taking both orders and payment, with the order delivered straight to your prep staff. Tell ‘em they’re dreaming? Not this time.

Find out more at Redcat

Take donations digitally

We're excited to be working with Shout. A zero commission digital fundraising platform with a mission to change the way the world gives. Cash donations have dropped significantly as more people have adopted digital payments. Now there is a new way to give. Shout on ANZ BladePay™ lets supporters donate and buy merchandise with a quick tap of their card, phone or watch. Not only that, Shout is expanding the App's capabilities to be used at charity auctions, events and more.

Find out more at Shout for Good

  • Use of ANZ FastPay® Next Generation and ANZ BladePay™ requires a cellular or wireless internet connection. Temporary service interruptions may occur. 

  • ANZ BladePay™ is preloaded with the ANZ FastPay® Next Generation app. All other apps available in the ANZ FastPay® App Catalogue are developed by third parties (unless otherwise noted in the ANZ FastPay® App Catalogue). To the extent permitted by law, ANZ is not liable for any of these third party apps.

  • The ANZ BladePay™ battery lasts for approximately 8 hours on a full charge, depending on active use. 

  • ANZ FastPay® Next Generation processes Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards and EFTPOS cards as well as American Express credit cards. To accept American Express Cards, you will need to enter into a Merchant Agreement directly with American Express separately, and then advise ANZ of your American Express ID. 

  • EFTPOS contactless coming soon.

  • Terms and conditions apply to the use of mobile payments, see

  • Terms and conditions and fees and charges apply to the use of ANZ FastPay® Next Generation and ANZ BladePay™. 

  • Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

  • Terms and conditions may apply to the use of apps developed for ANZ BladePay™ by your POS vendor. Please contact your POS vendor for these.

  • Please confirm with your POS provider that the version of the POS system you are using is compatible with the app they have created for ANZ BladePay™. 

  • Downloading or using apps developed for ANZ BladePay™ by your POS vendor may attract fees and charges. Please contact your POS vendor for information on these.

  • Whether your business will enjoy the benefits described here will depend on your business and whether your POS vendor has built an app for ANZ BladePay™ with the appropriate functionality. Speak to your POS vendor about whether their app is right for your business.

ANZ BladePay™ and ANZ FastPay® Next Generation are provided by Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) ABN 11 005 357 522.

Additional Information

ANZ BladePay™ Terms and conditions can be viewed here

ANZ BladePay™ Merchant operating guide can be viewed here