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ANZ BladePay™ FAQs

Your questions answered


General Questions

We’ve designed ANZ BladePay™ to sit comfortably in one hand, while packing in the features that make it great for businesses:

  • Integrated front and rear cameras
  • Barcode scanner
  • Bluetooth, 4G connectivity and dual band Wi-Fi for wireless functionality
  • An 8-hour battery life
  • 5-inch HD screen
  • GPS functionality

Keep in mind these features can only be accessed via a third party POS vendor app built for ANZ BladePay™ with the appropriate functionality.

Please note that you'll need to use the same payment method as the performed transaction (either card present or card not present) to process a refund.

To process a refund on an ANZ BladePayTM device, you need to:

  • Open the ANZ FastPay® Next Generation app on your ANZ BladePay™ device.
  • Select ‘Transactions’, scroll to locate the transaction to refund, then tap it. You can also search for the amount within a date range by tapping the search icon at the top.
  • Enter your ANZ FastPay® Next Generation app log in PIN.
  • Select ‘Refund’.
  • Confirm that the details are accurate and ask the customer if they would like a receipt, then press ‘Continue’.
  • A refund summary screen will appear and if correct, press ‘Confirm’.
  • Ask the customer to insert or swipe their card and select their account type, OR enter the card details for a MOTO transaction refund.
  • Ask the customer to confirm that the amount displayed is correct and press ‘Yes’, then enter their PIN and follow the prompts.

Please note that you may like to record refunds in your POS terminal too.

Currently, MOTO transactions are available via the ANZ FastPay® Next Generation app. To process a new MOTO sale, you need to:

  • Open the ANZ FastPay® Next Generation app on your ANZ BladePay™ device.
  • Select the ‘New Sale’ option from the main navigation menu.
  • Press the ‘Mail or Telephone Order Only’ button.
  • Populate the following customer's card details and tap ‘Next’:
    • Amount
    • Description of the transaction
    • Name of the Customer (does not have to match the name on the card)
    • Cardholder Name (which is the name on the card)
    • Card Number
    • Expiry
    • CVC/CVV
  • Confirm that the details are correct and press the ‘Confirm and Process Sale’ button.
  • If the transaction was approved by the card issuing bank, then you will receive a successful sales message.
  • You will then have the option of sending the customer a receipt, either via email or SMS. Enter the customer’s details and press ‘Send’.

If you entered the customer's details correctly, the receipt will be send to the customer accordingly. Please note that a copy of the receipt will also be emailed to the Merchant email address associated with that Merchant ID.

While we work on an optimal solution for visually impaired customers, we recommend you use MOTO in the interim.


No, ANZ BladePay™ does not store any card data. The device is certified to current Australian Security Standards including PCIDSS and EMV compliance. 

Please call us immediately on 1800 039 025.


This is pre-loaded operating software on all ANZ BladePay™ devices, although you probably won’t need to use it very often. The ANZ FastPay® Next Generation App simply enables your POS vendor app to connect to the card reader at the top of the device to take payments. All transactions should be via your POS vendor app.

Your ANZ BladePay™ device also comes pre-loaded with default apps to help you manage the ANZ BladePay™ settings, as well as app updates from ANZ and your POS vendor.


  Swipe  Chip Contactless

















Mobile Wallets (Apple Pay, Android Pay etc)








Union Pay




Yes you can, but you’ll need to enter into a merchant agreement with American Express separately, and then tell us your American Express ID so we can activate AMEX acceptance. 

By default, transactions processed before 6:30pm AEST/AEDT will settle into your ANZ business account that evening. Transactions processed after 6.30pm AEST/AEDT will be settled into your account on the following business day. You can change the default cut-off time to suit your business needs by calling 1800 039 025. If you settle into a non-ANZ account, settlement times vary but will usually take 2-4 business days.


The ANZ FastPay® Merchant Portal allows you to view detailed information on transactions conducted on your ANZ BladePay™ devices. 

You can access the ANZ FastPay® Merchant Portal here. You will require your Merchant ID, username, and a one-time password that you should have received via SMS when you signed up for ANZ BladePay™. If you did not receive this, please call 1800 039 025.


ANZ BladePay™ can be charged like any other Android device, via a standard micro USB charging cable with the device. 

The battery will typically last eight hours with a single charge based on active usage.

Press and hold the red button on the bottom of the ANZ BladePay™ device for approximately three seconds.


If you have queries about a POS vendor app loaded onto your ANZ BladePay™ device, contact your POS vendor.

If you have queries about the physical device, the payment component of your ANZ BladePay™ device is not working, or anything else, contact our ANZ Merchant Contact Centre on 1800 039 025.

Any questions about business banking?

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  • Use of ANZ FastPay® Next Generation and ANZ BladePay™ requires a cellular or wireless internet connection. Temporary service interruptions may occur. 

  • ANZ BladePay™ is preloaded with the ANZ FastPay® Next Generation app. All other apps available in the ANZ FastPay® App Catalogue are developed by third parties (unless otherwise noted in the ANZ FastPay® App Catalogue). To the extent permitted by law, ANZ is not liable for any of these third party apps.

  • The ANZ BladePay™ battery lasts for approximately 8 hours on a full charge, depending on active use. 

  • ANZ FastPay® Next Generation processes Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards and EFTPOS cards as well as American Express credit cards. To accept American Express Cards, you will need to enter into a Merchant Agreement directly with American Express separately, and then advise ANZ of your American Express ID. 

  • EFTPOS contactless coming soon.

  • Terms and conditions apply to the use of mobile payments, see

  • Terms and conditions and fees and charges apply to the use of ANZ FastPay® Next Generation and ANZ BladePay™. 

  • Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

  • Terms and conditions may apply to the use of apps developed for ANZ BladePay™ by your POS vendor. Please contact your POS vendor for these.

  • Please confirm with your POS provider that the version of the POS system you are using is compatible with the app they have created for ANZ BladePay™. 

  • Downloading or using apps developed for ANZ BladePay™ by your POS vendor may attract fees and charges. Please contact your POS vendor for information on these.

  • Whether your business will enjoy the benefits described here will depend on your business and whether your POS vendor has built an app for ANZ BladePay™ with the appropriate functionality. Speak to your POS vendor about whether their app is right for your business.

ANZ BladePay™ and ANZ FastPay® Next Generation are provided by Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) ABN 11 005 357 522.

Additional Information

ANZ BladePay™ Terms and conditions can be viewed here

ANZ BladePay™ Merchant operating guide can be viewed here