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Design your own ANZ business credit card

ANZ Design My Card

Personalise your credit card with ANZ Design My Card

Use an image of your choice

ANZ Design My Card is a fun way to personalise your ANZ business credit card with an image of your choice at no extra cost. Just upload your favourite photo or design (subject to the Image Guidelines below), or choose an image from our library. You don't need to be an ANZ customer to apply.

For new or existing customers

Whether you'd like to apply for an ANZ business credit card or if you already have one, you can use ANZ Design My Card.

  • New customers: choose the card you're applying for below and click 'Design now'.
  • Existing cardholders: choose the card you already have below and click 'Design now'.

Design one of these ANZ business credit cards

Make running your business more rewarding with travel, entertainment and gifts.disclaimer

Help with cashflow to ensure cash comes in before it goes out.disclaimer

Reduce costs with our lowest interest rate on purchases and our lowest annual fee.

Image Guidelines for ANZ Design My Card

Terms and conditions apply to the use of ANZ Design My Card, and will be displayed when you click the 'Design now' button. The image guidelines below may be varied by ANZ at any time. ANZ will not accept images that contain:

  • celebrities, actors, musicians, sports people, cartoons or public figures
  • works of art
  • phone numbers, addresses, URL addresses, account or PIN numbers
  • provocative or sexual material
  • violent or other offensive, obscene or indecent material
  • nudity or semi-nudity
  • bigotry, racism, hatred, profanity or obscenities
  • alcohol, tobacco, gambling, firearms or pharmaceutical products
  • images that show illegal or anti-social behaviour
  • culturally or socially insensitive images
  • images that display the opinions or beliefs of political groups, religious groups or socially unacceptable groups (e.g. political images, neo-Nazi images, gangs)
  • libelous or defamatory content, or content which is otherwise in violation of any rules, regulations or laws to which the images are subject
  • content not acceptable for persons under 18 years old.

How to use ANZ Design My Card

Choose your card

Choose the card you want and click on the 'Design now' button. If you have an existing card, click 'Design now' on the card you already have. Once you've read the Terms and Conditions, click 'Design your card & apply now'.

Design your card

You'll need Flash Player 6.0 (or above) to do this. Upload your own imagedisclaimer or choose one from the library. After you've finished the image design, provide the relevant details depending on whether you're a new or existing customer. 

You'll get a confirmation email

You should receive an email within the next two business days, confirming whether your image has been approved. If you're a new customer, the email will provide any additional instructions if necessary.

Look out for your new card

You should receive your personalised ANZ business credit card within ten business days of your application being approved.

Got a question about designing your card?

You can use any image that has been saved in an electronic format (JPEG, PNG, Bitmap, GIF or TIFF), as long as the image is large enough to print well onto your card. Image files must be a minimum of 300kB up to a maximum of 8MB. 

To check the dimensions of your image:

  • Open your image in a browser (e.g. Internet Explorer).
  • Right mouse click on your image.
  • Choose 'Properties'. The Properties window will open.
  • The 'Dimensions' of your image will be shown under the 'General' tab.

You must own the copyright in the image or have express permission from the copyright owner to use the image on your card.

Yes, you can use the card design tools to scale, rotate, flip and move your image until you have the design you want.

  • The 'scale' bar lets you change the size of your image
  • The 'rotate' tool lets you turn your image 90-degrees at a time
  • The 'flip' tool lets you create a mirror image (left to right)
  • The 'move' tool helps you place the image exactly where you want it.


Some tips for designing your image:

  • The image should cover the whole base of the card. Make sure you scale it right to the edge to ensure there are no white lines on the edges. 
  • The image background shouldn't be white. If you choose a white background, important information such as the validity dates may not be visible, so the image may be rejected.
  • Ensure your image is a high enough resolution so the picture is clear.

The image on your ANZ Design My Card should cover the whole base of the card. The maximum size of the image should be 85mm x 55mm.

Images should be a minimum of 480 x 480 pixels.

No, ANZ Design My Card only allows one image to be uploaded on the account. All cards issued on the account will have the same Design My Card image. When an additional cardholder is added to an existing account their card will be issued with the Design My Card image loaded on the account.

Once your image has been accepted, your ANZ Design My Card should be sent to you within ten business days.
If you are a new ANZ business credit card applicant, this is subject to credit card application approval. Once approved, your ANZ Design My Card should be sent to you within fourteen business days.

If your ANZ Business One Visa credit card application is declined and you still want an ANZ Design My Card, you will be able to open an ANZ Access Advantage account, as no credit application is necessary. Just go to the ANZ Design My Card website to design your ANZ Design My Card and then apply for an ANZ Access Advantage account.

You can change the image on your card as often as you like.

ANZ will reject an image if it does not meet our Image Guidelines or if it is in breach of a third party’s copyright.

If we send you an email advising that your image has been rejected, simply follow the instructions provided in the email to redesign your card using a new image.

If you do not upload an acceptable image within five business days of your initial application:

  • new applicants will receive the default design on their card
  • other applicants may need to place another order for an ANZ Design My Card.

No. Personalising your ANZ business credit card changes the appearance of your card only. Your card number, account number, PIN (if one is loaded) and the ANZ Credit Card Conditions of Use or Product Disclosure Statement content for your product will not change.

If your image is accepted, we will securely store it so that it can be printed on any replacement ANZ Design My Cards. After that, we will delete your image from our system. We may store a small copy of the image longer than this for audit purposes. If the image you submit is rejected, your image will be promptly deleted from our system.

The ANZ Design My Card website and application form use 128-bit encryption. Please read the ANZ Website Security and Privacy Statement for further information on encryption.

Any questions about ANZ Design My Card?

1800 032 481

Mon-Fri 8am to 8pm (AEST)

Need help with your existing account?   1800 032 481



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Interest free days do not apply if you do not pay your Closing Balance (which includes any outstanding balance transfers, cash advances, purchases and Promotional Plans) in full by the due date each month. Payments to your account are applied in the order set out in the ANZ Commercial Card Terms and Conditions (PDF 1.5 MB).

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Subject to ANZ Design My Card Image Guidelines and Terms and Conditions.

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