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ANZ Business Insights

Use accurate data to uncover big opportunities, simply

If you are not sure what move to make next to build your business, then using data to pinpoint your decisions can be a smart strategy.

The ANZ Business Insights tool collates millions of ANZ card and merchant terminal transactions that occur each week. With this tool, business owners can access accurate industry metrics right down to postcode level, including average transaction values, transaction volumes at different times of the day, the age profile of customers and turnover over time.

ANZ merchant business customers can also register to access comparison data for their business (for example, your average sales over time versus the local average).

Who can use ANZ Business Insights?

Anyone can register for ANZ Business Insights and receive industry metrics right down to the postcode level. So if you own a café, for example, you can view café industry data by postcode, or at the state level. ANZ business customers who have a merchant service with us, like an EFTPOS machine, can register for comparison data.

Access ANZ Business Insights

Register via the Business Insights website today, or speak to an ANZ Small Business Specialist.

What you can benchmark

Customer demographics

What age groups do your customers fall into? If there is a clear trend, you could channel your marketing strategies to better connect with Baby Boomers, Gen Xs, or Millenials (i.e. mail drops versus social media). You can also consider offering deals, products or services that target particular demographics, like a student discount.

Average spend

What are customers willing to spend on similar products and services? You can review data on pricing in your area. This information empowers you to make educated decisions on whether to charge more or less for your goods or services or upsell and predict what kind of impact you may experience as a result.

Transaction behaviour

Do you know the busiest time of day for your business? Understanding patterns in business activity enables you to optimise trading hours, roster staff more efficiently and determine the best time to go on holiday or undertake renovations. Also, having a clear picture of repeat purchases unlocks the potential for you to implement successful retention strategies, such as customer loyalty programs.

Next steps

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ANZ tools, templates and checklists are only some of many ways to analyse a business or industry to assist your planning and business decision making. You should seek the assistance of your business advisor or accountant when either planning for or analysing your business' performance. To the extent permitted by law, ANZ makes no warranty and has no liability, in respect of your use of and reliance on these tools.