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We are committed to making our products, services, workplace and culture welcoming and supportive of people with a disability. ANZ understands that disability is relevant to every aspect of our business – customers, employees, markets, communities, suppliers and key stakeholders.

Our commitment to accessibility

Our commitment to strengthening the financial wellbeing of all Australians is reflected in our ongoing work to build a more accessible and inclusive bank for our customers, employees and community.

Members of our passionate and proactive community of accessibility champions, drawn from all areas of ANZ, collaborate to identify and address barriers to independent, convenient and dignified banking, and to foster an inclusive workplace culture which embraces diversity and all abilities. Through innovation and ongoing consultation with a wide range of community stakeholders, we strive for greater economic and social participation for people with disability.

Our Approach to Accessibility and Financial Inclusion - Summary 2019 (PDF 2.26MB)

ANZ Abilities Network

ANZ is committed to creating an inclusive and accessible bank for our customers and our staff. The ANZ Abilities Network is an important element of this commitment- through harnessing the unique perspectives of employees with disabilities, and their allies, we can continue to ensure ANZ’s products, services and facilities are accessible for all. 

Established in 2005, the Abilities Network is a collection of volunteer employees from all over ANZ, who work together to advocate for better ways to support our people and customers who experience disability.

The network aims to foster inclusiveness and diversity, raise awareness of disability and accessibility, and represent employees on issues relating to disability.

ANZ Spectrum Program

The ANZ Spectrum Program is a commitment to recognising the talents of autistic people in shaping a workplace where they can thrive. 

As part of the Program we use a non-traditional recruitment process, better suited to the needs of people on the autism spectrum. The first group of talented individuals started work in cyber security and testing roles in February 2018. Individuals receive tailored training and support to help them settle into the workplace and develop their careers within ANZ and beyond. 

Another key part of the Program is introducing awareness training and changing perceptions of autism at ANZ.

Learn more here.

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