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Our approach

Our purpose is to help shape a world in which people and communities thrive. That is why we strive to help create a balanced, sustainable society in which everyone has the opportunity to take part and build a better life.

Our values are the foundation of how we work – living our values every day enables us to deliver on our strategy and purpose, strengthen stakeholder relationships and earn the community’s trust.

Each year we set public ESG targets and a corresponding Group-wide program of work to support the sustainable delivery of our business strategy. We disclose on our performance through our half and full year ESG reporting.

ESG priorities

We are helping to respond to complex societal issues central to our customers and our business strategy. In particular, we are focusing our efforts on: financial wellbeing; environmental sustainability and housing. Fundamental to our approach is a commitment to fair and responsible banking.


Through our annual materiality assessment we engage with internal and external stakeholders to inform our identification of ESG risks and opportunities. We seek to identify those issues that have the most potential to impact our ability to operate successfully and create sustainable value for our shareholders and other stakeholders.

Stakeholder engagement

One of the ways we create long-term value and deliver on our business strategy is through a collaborative and proactive approach to building and maintaining relationships with stakeholders.

Policies and standards

Our employee Code of Conduct (Code) describes how we work at ANZ. It sets the expected standards of behaviour and guides us in applying our values. Our Code explicitly requires all employees and contractors to be ethical and professional, act with integrity, treat everyone with dignity and respect, manage conflicts of interest, protect privacy and confidentiality, and also call out unacceptable behaviour and stand up for what is right. Our Code is supported by a number of more detailed policies that form part of the Conduct and Ethics Policy Framework which covers issues such as anti-bribery, fraud and corruption, equal opportunity, bullying and harassment, conflicts of interest and work expenses.

Public policy advocacy

We seek to contribute constructively to public policy formation and understand the perspectives of our community’s elected representatives, policymakers and regulators. We contribute to policy formation on business, economic, social and environmental issues affecting our customers and shareholders.

Governance and risk management

Effective governance and robust risk management policies and procedures are the foundation for achieving our strategy. Together with the application of our values, they support the delivery of responsible, ethical and sustainable business outcomes.