Just like anything, there are good and bad habits you can get into with your credit card. Here are a few simple suggestions to keep your credit card healthy. You probably don’t even need to make any huge changes to make a difference, just regular healthy habits every month. That being said, if for any reason you do find yourself struggling to make repayments or you need some advice, ANZ is here to help. The sooner you contact us on 13 22 73 anytime, the sooner we can offer assistance.

Top 10 credit card tips

01 Maintain a manageable balance. Keep your credit card balance at an amount you can easily manage.

02 Pay on time. Make payments by the due date to avoid a Late Payment Fee. It’s even a good idea to put a reminder in your diary.

03 Make at least your minimum monthly payment. Each month you have to make at least the minimum monthly payment on your credit card. You’ll find this amount on your monthly statement. If you can, try and pay more than this amount. This will help you pay off your balance quicker and could help you save on interest.

04 Pay off your closing balance when you can. Of course, it’s always better to pay off the full closing balance on your credit card every month so you can minimise any interest charged where possible.

05 Set up automatic direct debit. Setting up CardPay Direct (a direct debit from your nominated transaction account to your credit card) can help you pay off at least the minimum payment on your credit card each month by the due date, and possibly avoid Late Payment Fees. It can take up to a month for CardPay Direct to be set up, so you may still need to make your next credit card payment manually. Speak with your financial institution to see if this is available from your transaction account. And remember to ensure you have enough money in your account each month.

06 Bigger payments don’t go towards next month. But remember, even if you make a payment one month that is bigger than the minimum monthly payment, you need to at least make the minimum monthly payment next month too.

07 Use your savings to pay off your credit. If you have savings, consider using them to pay off your credit card. You could save money by paying less interest.

08 Do you really need a higher credit limit? A higher credit limit can sound exciting when you think about what you could buy. But do you really need it? You don’t have to accept it when offered, plus you can always lower your credit limit to a more manageable level.

09 Compare prices and cool off. Before making a big purchase, try comparing prices and waiting a day or two to see if you still really want or need the item.

10 Keep track of your card. Keep track of how much you owe on your card (by using ANZ Internet or ANZ Phone Banking). If you make a transaction that takes you over your credit limit you’ll need to pay the extra amount immediately. You could also be charged an Overlimit Fee.

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